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Drug Free Moore County is always looking for volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors, helping with fundraising efforts and assisting with community exhibits. A volunteer application is available upon request.


  • Women in Recovery Group - Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM
  • DFMC Board meets 9:00 AM- 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 116 S Middleton Street Robbins, NC 27325
  • Harm Reduction Clinic - Every Wednesday 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Men In Recovery Group - Every Thursday at 10:00 AM


(Voices for Recovery Event)

Pinehurst Comprehensive Treatment Center – Opioid Use Disorder Program
Attorney Steve and Mrs. Rebecca Lapping
Mr. Tim Short
Mr. David Kellis
Captain Bill Flint
Moore County Sheriff’s Office
Mrs. Karen McNeill Wicker
Ms. Katie Stroud
Pastor Kenneth Mc Neill
Mr. Randy Hussey
Ms. Emiliy Nicholson
Mrs. Shirlyn Sims
Mrs. Tayloe Compton Moye
Mr. Bob Martin
Mr. Bill Sahadi
Mr. Eddie Hammett
Mr. Al Magnum
Lowes of Southern Pines 
Little Dinos – Mr. an Mrs. Ottoman
Attorney Shelly Oldham
Mr. and Mrs. J. Keith Thomasson
Sandhills Moving & Storage
Attorney Shelly Weizman 
Dr. and Mrs. G.P. Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. William and Ruby Sledge 
Mr. Wiliam Ken Stroud
Mrs. Gretchen A. Stroud 
Mrs. Mary Spooner Rocca
Dr. Francis Corrigan
Ms. Jan Foster
Ms. Cheryl Clark
Mrs. Brenda Harrell
Mr. Lee William Smith III
Mr. Bert Harrell
Mr. Larry Newsome and Mrs. Lydia Newsome 
Ms. Tara Tucker
Ms. Ariana Hauge
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hausman


Our Mission

To provide evidence-based prevention education, treatment options,
and recovery support services to youth and adults.